Posted on October 28th, 2017

Posted on October 2nd, 2015

Love this multi media gig I'm doing with the terrific ad agency BBDO Toronto for Wrigley's Skittles.
Since 2010 we've done 51 TV and internet spots together.
The"(Insert fun verb here) the Rainbow! Taste the Rainbow!" campaigns are always fun and often win major awards. Like the Palm D'or at Cannes, France, Marketing Magazine Bronze in Canada and many others!
And I'm told to be ready for a bunch more coming soon in 2015!
Loving the things I get to do with the Rainbow. Including tasting it! Mmmmmm.

by Mike Hanson on September 10th, 2015

She did!
A while back.
And it wasn't to any old question like "Do you want fries with that?" Not even "Pizza tonight?"
She agreed to marry me November 27, 2015.
"When was a 'while back'?" you ask.
Valentines Day this year.
Then why the 9 month delay? (No we don't "have to get married)". She realizes she's hitching up to the WTF life of a Voice Actor. A wiseass one at that. So, like any intelligent person she listened to a smart lawyer and they're working on an iron-clad pre-nup. Oh, and I get one too. Not that I have much to protect, but she's fair that way.
All wiseassery aside, I couldn't be happier, luckier and more joyful. Her name is Shannon Reid.
Wish us well. Gifts to your favourite charity? Optional.

by Mike Hanson on January 30th, 2013

When you work with talented as well as pleasant people  session after session---15 for various small pack KFC products since March 2/12---and get pumped more and more each time, you know you're working with giving, positive people who are doing a great job for this important client.

Kudos to the team at the agency, Grip Limited of Toronto, lead by writer Jeff Collins, Art Director Anton Ratinsky and Producer Nicole Andrisevic.
Huge credit to the smooth development of this multi-media spot pool goes to the studio Imprint Productions, Toronto. Owner/director Fraser MacDougall leads a terrific gang including director Tim White, Engineers Aaron McCourt and Lance Schibler, plus the lovely and talented real power behind it all, Corrine Murray.

They all work very hard and make sure I have a great time every time. Make me sound good too! I love these guys.

by Mike Hanson on November 26th, 2012

Advertising created in Atlantic Canada is outstanding. Their fresh, open, easy-going ability to have a laugh and still sell stuff inspires buyers and sellers of creative advertising in this part of the world like few others.
The 11th annual ICE AWARDS announced November 22, 2013 proves it again. And I was proud to play a small role doing the voice over on DORY ADVERTISING's GOLD winning radio campaign for regional advertiser NOVA VAULTS.
Once again multi-award winner DONNA MCCARTHY, Creative Director wrote golden stuff for me to read. And producer Rick Hollett at DORY RADIO crafted the winning series.
Congratulations to a talented team and a visionary client ANDY MacKEAN, CEO of NOVA VAULTS, Halifax, serving all of the Maritimes, and, I understand, not-too-distant plans to grow nationally in the future.

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