by Mike Hanson, Wiseasserist on June 10th, 2012 ranked my site higher but at a value of only $512.27. Now comes crotchety old Webstats Domain with the lower ranking but lofty $607.00 evaluation. Go figure. Big numbers obscure reason.

But I'm not disheartened. 
This site is still worth 243% more than what I paid for it. Dow Jones eat your heart out.

Pity the poor bastard who's #17,990,363 . S/he must be crushed. Here I am, sitting back, smirking, but with empathy. You work. You slave. And what for? Settling for something "close" to #18 million. Being "edged out" by the "Wiseasserist".

Oh the inhumanity!

I don't do audio books. Too many hours. Too many characters. Too little money.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

Even my daughter-in-law Lyndsay Russell says narrating her own popular novel Making It Big made her "nackered, nackered, nackered." North Americans should note, to Brits being "nackered" has no sexual connotation. It means reading even her own very funny book out loud for 14 hours left her exhausted.

That's all. OK?

But I love story telling. I love playing characters. I even love the "work". So why the contradiction?

I've recently had the chance to work with talented writers of short stories and audio plays that engage, frighten or amuse within 20-25 minutes max! New Englander Matthew Acheson is working on a novel, but in the process has published a dozen gripping horrow/sci-fi stories in several magazines and is now having them recorded and available for free download from his site Check out Writing on the Wall I had the pleasure of recording and see if his writing doesn't let me just creep you out somethin' fierce.

While you're surfing you can find other great listening on my Aussie friend Tim Heffernan's site I've had the pleasure to play many characters in several of his audio plays and short stories, plus works by other authors, some even as notable as Edgar Allen Poe.

I know both author-hosts would love your feed back. When you're satiated with all the good stuff they offer, please let me know, through their sites or this one, whether or not you think I can do what I don't do.

Posted on May 14th, 2012

Despite J.P. Morgan and his bandit partner Chase's arrogant misdeeds on Wall Street (again!!!), North American consumers continue to show their mettle. "Bad" news is a relative thing.. In January 12% thought the economy was getting better, according to CBS News. Last week three times as many, 36%, said they think things are getting better. And that's after the news came out about JP Morgan Chase's unbelievable inability to learn anything from the 2008 banking debacle by repeating the same egregious sins. They contnue to derive no wisedom from derivatives.

The Wiseasserist is heartened by that CBS report. He adds his own evidence of that trend. His VO activity in Q1 2012 is up almost 300% over the same period in 2011. And, no, that doesn't mean he's done three jobs this year over just one by this time last year. It was up nicely over 2010.

After the first 18 weeks of this year major clients like Wrigley's, KFC and MZ Media are leading more than a dozen classy clients who have booked me on average almost 3 times a week. In this business that builds confidence. For me and my clients.

Thank you consumers. Without your growing confidence, this would not be happening for the Wiseasserist.

by Mike Hanson on April 3rd, 2012

Wrigley's 2011 "Taste the Rainbow" campaign for Skittles, created by BBDO Toronto won TWO GOLD LIONS at Cannes, one for the five spot series and one for a single called "Cat". As of April 17, 2012 it has 6,044,646 views on all by itself! Combined the series has almost 10.5 million views. I did the VO. Take that Justin Bieber!

Kudos to the entire creative team, but a special "Wiseassery" (in my mind even more prestigious than a Cannes Gold Lion, but...whatever...I may be alone on this one) goes to writer/art director dynamic duo Mike Donaghey and Chris Joakim plus producer extraordinaire Jennifer Morrison.

The sweet suite of 5 new Skittles interactive spots are up on YouTube now! And I was invited back to voice them too. Tough noogies again Justin! The new series is attracting terrific attention---cumulatively attracting 869,899 views after just a couple of weeks! Look out Cannes 2012 competition (such as you are). I smell more success! (OK. I smell. Period). But not this work!

by Mike Hanson on April 1st, 2012

Lyndsay Russell, my daughter-in-law from London UK is a talented lady. (It runs in the family---at least by marraige).

Among her many creative skills is writing. Her humourous novel Making it Big, published in the UK last year, has attracted big time TV producers' interest for it's sitcom potential. She's gained strong reaction from two production companies in the US and one in the UK. 

Lee Aronsohn
, Executive Producer for mega hit Two and a Half Men, leads the pack. He and Lyndsay are now working on pilot scripts he may add to his stable of hot TV properties.

That's her with the "thumb up!" as Lee reads to his young daughter a children's book called  Rainbow Weaver Lyndsay and the Wiseasserist's grand daughter Talor Hanson co-wrote and published through four years ago. She was just 11 at the time. (Talor, not Lyndsay.)

With Aronsohn's support, she recently flew to LA (Lyndsay, not Talor) to record an audiobook version. (Of Making it Big, not Rainbow Weaver). Her background as an actor and radio presenter in London stood her in good stead narrating her very funny novel. To no surprise she found the 12+ hour narration process "nackering" ("exhausting" to us North American types) which is why I'm leaving audiobooks to better conditioned talents than the Wiseasserist's wrinkled ass.

While in LA Lyndsay watched an episode of Two and a Half Men  being shot in front of a live audience and a gallery of VIPs. Turns out it was the show's 200th and MIGHT be the last if the producers and CBS don't come to terms soon. Ahhh, L.A. Big money. Big egos. Big T & A. I love it...from the safety of my Toronto condo. Whew!

Watch this space for more exciting news about the Wissasserist's talented family members busily making their creative marks in UK radio and theatre.

by Mike Hanson on March 30th, 2012

So this dude's shirt makes a good point.

When I was younger I may have been a smart ass. OK. I was a smart ass.

I may be older than short pants there, but I'm much wiser. (You don't see me wearing that s*#! do you?)

Voila! The wise ass! I'm the Mayor of Wiseassery! A small yet happy place to which you are all welcome. But you have to put in your time. It's no sentence, believe me, But it does take, oh, I dunno---several decades to "mature" to the citizenship of Wiseassery.

As my sagedom deepens, I find it fitting many suggest I speak incessantly in wiseasserisms and therefore have come to call me The Wiseasserist.

I am humbled. But, as noted elsewhere, there are many good reasons for me to be humble.

by Mike Hanson, Wiseassvoiceactor on March 6th, 2012

It's not news to any serious voice actor. Even one who is seldom serious. Especially a wise ass one like me. Great writers and directors/producers make our job exceptionally rich and fulfilling.

It's timely this March I sincerely thank someone who makes me feel that way every time we work together. She is Donna MacCarthy, Owner and Creative Director of Dory Advertising in Halifax Nova Scotia and St. John's Nfld.

Donna is busy this month as president, Radio awards jury 2012, for the London International Advertising Awards. (LIA). That's a big F@#&! deal!  Maybe not to her. She's sat on juries in the past for major awards shows including Cannes, New York Festival, Clios, and Marketing.

But it is to me!  I've had the pleasure of working for her on major accounts like Irving Oil and the not-so--big but just as smart to hire her, such as The Grenfell Campus of Memorial University. Plus many more, some winning her awards. She's been internationally recognized over 500 times, working for hot shops like Chiat Day, Bensimon Byrne and Taxi as well as her own. Donna has been named Canada's top copy writer four times! (I've been Canada's top wiseass only twice!) 

So when I heard the news of her latest awards jury gig I had to write my congratulations. True to her self, she grasciously acknowledged me. (After scrambling though hundreds of names on her contact list to determine WTF this wise ass is) Donna actually wrote: "And not just to return the favour, but because it's true. You are my all time favourite voice actor. No one even comes close."

(The sound you hear are my recently lazered eyes welling up. Sniff.)

Talk about making one feel rich and fulfilled.

by Himself, aka The Wiseasserist on February 21st, 2012

The Wiseasserist is often among the 15 top male voices booked by engagers in markets, countries and even continents around the world through
It's the rapidly growing Canadian web-based VO market place, with strong influence among discerning producers, directors and other business people who understand the power of the professionally presented spoken word in the success of their enterprise
Again, this fact humbles The Wiseasserist.
We told you he has lots to be humble about!

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