I love it when I do something I don't do.

I don't do audio books. Too many hours. Too many characters. Too little money.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

Even my daughter-in-law Lyndsay Russell says narrating her own popular novel Making It Big made her "nackered, nackered, nackered." North Americans should note, to Brits being "nackered" has no sexual connotation. It means reading even her own very funny book out loud for 14 hours left her exhausted.

That's all. OK?

But I love story telling. I love playing characters. I even love the "work". So why the contradiction?

I've recently had the chance to work with talented writers of short stories and audio plays that engage, frighten or amuse within 20-25 minutes max! New Englander Matthew Acheson is working on a novel, but in the process has published a dozen gripping horrow/sci-fi stories in several magazines and is now having them recorded and available for free download from his site www.cryptichouse.com. Check out Writing on the Wall I had the pleasure of recording and see if his writing doesn't let me just creep you out somethin' fierce.

While you're surfing you can find other great listening on my Aussie friend Tim Heffernan's site www.thedramapod.com. I've had the pleasure to play many characters in several of his audio plays and short stories, plus works by other authors, some even as notable as Edgar Allen Poe.

I know both author-hosts would love your feed back. When you're satiated with all the good stuff they offer, please let me know, through their sites or this one, whether or not you think I can do what I don't do.

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