Consumer confidence up? Yesss!!!

Posted on May 14th, 2012

Despite J.P. Morgan and his bandit partner Chase's arrogant misdeeds on Wall Street (again!!!), North American consumers continue to show their mettle. "Bad" news is a relative thing.. In January 12% thought the economy was getting better, according to CBS News. Last week three times as many, 36%, said they think things are getting better. And that's after the news came out about JP Morgan Chase's unbelievable inability to learn anything from the 2008 banking debacle by repeating the same egregious sins. They contnue to derive no wisedom from derivatives.

The Wiseasserist is heartened by that CBS report. He adds his own evidence of that trend. His VO activity in Q1 2012 is up almost 300% over the same period in 2011. And, no, that doesn't mean he's done three jobs this year over just one by this time last year. It was up nicely over 2010.

After the first 18 weeks of this year major clients like Wrigley's, KFC and MZ Media are leading more than a dozen classy clients who have booked me on average almost 3 times a week. In this business that builds confidence. For me and my clients.

Thank you consumers. Without your growing confidence, this would not be happening for the Wiseasserist.

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