Two and a half Men Exec. Producer seeks Wiseasserist's family talent

by Mike Hanson on April 1st, 2012

Lyndsay Russell, my daughter-in-law from London UK is a talented lady. (It runs in the family---at least by marraige).

Among her many creative skills is writing. Her humourous novel Making it Big, published in the UK last year, has attracted big time TV producers' interest for it's sitcom potential. She's gained strong reaction from two production companies in the US and one in the UK. 

Lee Aronsohn
, Executive Producer for mega hit Two and a Half Men, leads the pack. He and Lyndsay are now working on pilot scripts he may add to his stable of hot TV properties.

That's her with the "thumb up!" as Lee reads to his young daughter a children's book called  Rainbow Weaver Lyndsay and the Wiseasserist's grand daughter Talor Hanson co-wrote and published through four years ago. She was just 11 at the time. (Talor, not Lyndsay.)

With Aronsohn's support, she recently flew to LA (Lyndsay, not Talor) to record an audiobook version. (Of Making it Big, not Rainbow Weaver). Her background as an actor and radio presenter in London stood her in good stead narrating her very funny novel. To no surprise she found the 12+ hour narration process "nackering" ("exhausting" to us North American types) which is why I'm leaving audiobooks to better conditioned talents than the Wiseasserist's wrinkled ass.

While in LA Lyndsay watched an episode of Two and a Half Men  being shot in front of a live audience and a gallery of VIPs. Turns out it was the show's 200th and MIGHT be the last if the producers and CBS don't come to terms soon. Ahhh, L.A. Big money. Big egos. Big T & A. I love it...from the safety of my Toronto condo. Whew!

Watch this space for more exciting news about the Wissasserist's talented family members busily making their creative marks in UK radio and theatre.

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