I MAY look older, but I AM wiser-ish.

by Mike Hanson on March 30th, 2012

So this dude's shirt makes a good point.

When I was younger I may have been a smart ass. OK. I was a smart ass.

I may be older than short pants there, but I'm much wiser. (You don't see me wearing that s*#! do you?)

Voila! The wise ass! I'm the Mayor of Wiseassery! A small yet happy place to which you are all welcome. But you have to put in your time. It's no sentence, believe me, But it does take, oh, I dunno---several decades to "mature" to the citizenship of Wiseassery.

As my sagedom deepens, I find it fitting many suggest I speak incessantly in wiseasserisms and therefore have come to call me The Wiseasserist.

I am humbled. But, as noted elsewhere, there are many good reasons for me to be humble.

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