Wiseasserist discovers sincerity. Gasp!

by Mike Hanson, Wiseassvoiceactor on March 6th, 2012

It's not news to any serious voice actor. Even one who is seldom serious. Especially a wise ass one like me. Great writers and directors/producers make our job exceptionally rich and fulfilling.

It's timely this March I sincerely thank someone who makes me feel that way every time we work together. She is Donna MacCarthy, Owner and Creative Director of Dory Advertising in Halifax Nova Scotia and St. John's Nfld.

Donna is busy this month as president, Radio awards jury 2012, for the London International Advertising Awards. (LIA). That's a big F@#&! deal!  Maybe not to her. She's sat on juries in the past for major awards shows including Cannes, New York Festival, Clios, and Marketing.

But it is to me!  I've had the pleasure of working for her on major accounts like Irving Oil and the not-so--big but just as smart to hire her, such as The Grenfell Campus of Memorial University. Plus many more, some winning her awards. She's been internationally recognized over 500 times, working for hot shops like Chiat Day, Bensimon Byrne and Taxi as well as her own. Donna has been named Canada's top copy writer four times! (I've been Canada's top wiseass only twice!) 

So when I heard the news of her latest awards jury gig I had to write my congratulations. True to her self, she grasciously acknowledged me. (After scrambling though hundreds of names on her contact list to determine WTF this wise ass is) Donna actually wrote: "And not just to return the favour, but because it's true. You are my all time favourite voice actor. No one even comes close."

(The sound you hear are my recently lazered eyes welling up. Sniff.)

Talk about making one feel rich and fulfilled.

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