That lovely lady talking is Donna McCarthy, CEO of award-winning Dory Advertising in Halifax NS.
She graciously extended that wish following my recent milestone birthday.
When you’re a voice actor and one of the best creative director-copy writers ever, anywhere, says that to you publicly, well, you “feel good all over” <GRIN>
Enjoying the simpler life Atlantic Canada offers now seems to be her dream. But she rightfully remains proud of her celebrated creative careers at leading ad agencies in major Canadian markets: Chiat Day, Bensimon Byrne, and Taxi.
Beyond Canada, the creative world respects Donna's judgment so much she has chaired and/or sat on many major national and international award festival juries. They include Cannes, London Festival, New York Festival, The Clios, and Canada’s Marketing awards.
She’s been named top female copywriter in Canada four times and ranks as one of this country’s Top Creative Directors, period.
Why? Well for starters she has won over 500 of the above-mentioned awards.
I voiced many of those winners for her clients over the years, among them Honda Atlantic, Irving Oil, and Vault Security Services. 
Some I did for several of those years.
So…when it came time to freshen this page with something more recent if not more important---when Ted Roskin, Creative Director of Vapor-RMW, another top shop who engaged me a few awarding-winning times, said of a recent production he directed me in I offered him “The perfect voice”...
dare I suggest Ted would add "Donna and I agree!"?
(They're both in advertising so may be prone to exaggerate...a little.)
A clip from the RMW gig for Testicular Cancer Canada is on one of my new Commercial demos. It leads  "Badassery".
Alcanna, (formerly known as North American Liquor Stores) has become Canada's largest private retailer of Liquor, Beer, Wine and now...Cannabis (far out man!) The company has over 270 retail outlets in three provinces and one state. Since 2016 their agencies, including ZGM of Edmonton, have asked me to voice dozens of campaigns for two of their major banners: Liquor Depot and Brown Jug
Liquor Depot is the largest and the most fun. One of the spot pools we did for them won a Summit Award in New York City not so long ago. A clip from one in the series "Last Minute Gifts" lets me do my Wissaserist thing big time. For that reason it leads my new  Wiseassery Demo.
Brown Jug is a smaller Alcanna chain, but really just as much fun, just not as frequent. Hey, it's still all about booze!    They let me do my Wiseassery thing internationally. In Alaska already! No word of any diplomatic disturbance.
And then I get to pretend I'm handy fixing things (that takes real acting chops) doing VO gigs for the 1100+ chain of Canadian hardware and building centres.

 Ooooh, Tim, The Toolman would be proud!

 "Whoa! whoa! whooaaa!"
 (He said, beating his chest and scratching his...well...never mind.)

I continue to enthusiastically suggest people "Park Happy!" near most of Canada's major airports at a Park 'n Fly location, Valet or otherwise. Hear a clip of a recent spot on my new Wiseassery Demo.

We've been parking people together on national radio since mid-2014.

I'm even writing some of the copy I read for them too. 

I feel so...needed.

Especially by the brilliant creatives and marketers at Wrigleys and their Toronto agency, DDB, for world-famous Skittles.

The fun started in 2010 with a Cannes Gold-winning series where I did the VO on the "Touch the Rainbow" campaign.

 More world-class recognition followed and I'm proud to still be a part of it growling out commands like "%#&! the Rainbow" on TV and the web.

...all these great campaigns continue to complement my bedding client, more booze and something finger-lickin' good series.

(Hmmm. Do you see a "lets-have-fun-thing" happening here?)

My "Wiseassitude/Badassitude" style has definite  'tude dude!

Delighted to continue voice over for this category busting national retail leader,
 operating 224 corporately owned stores across Canada.

 Since 2014  doing new creative running regularly, with a whit of wiseass-come-badassitude!

Proud of a national TV and Radio campaign I voiced for Grey Advertising in
 New York and their innovative Chicago-based client Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Yup. More booze. (I admitted my predilection for this vitally important economic sector earlier so get over it!) 

Fun spots. Just how we roll. Even the sour is sweet!

 But No...I didn't buy "naming rights".

 I did take a few refreshing swigs. For research purposes of course. All very responsibly. 
BTW. I have a BLOG, Just not on this site.

Good ideas are there about copywriting too. Especially if you are a B2B marketer.

Check it out: www.mikehansoncopywriter.com
TERRY O'REILLY is another of my favourite directors.
Besides co-founding Pirate Radio Group Inc, with Rick Shurman in 1990 he's NOW also internationally famous as a marketing writer/broadcaster

Terry's talented researcher/ producer wife & daughters are the creators while he writes (mostly) and hosts all of CBC Radio One's "Under The Influence" Radio and Podcasts.

Recently Terry published "THIS I KNOW. Marketing Lessons from "Under The Influence"."

It's brilliant!

Especially when he wrote in my  copy of his book: "For MIKE HANSON, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ACTORS TO WORK WITH!" 
(Even great writers sometimes end sentences with a preposition. 
So tell your grammar teacher to stuff it!)

May I also recommend his latest book? "My B(igg)est Mistake". He tells several fascinating stories of talented people who overcame a major "D'oh!" and turn failure into success.

The Wiseasserist blushes, but continues to shamelessly encourage similar sentiments, freely and truthfully expressed by yet another very smart person.

"Mike's exceptional talent as a voice actor is only usurped by his incredible work ethic. 

I direct actors from all over the world. 

Rarely do I encounter someone who merits as many kudos as Mike"

Director, CEO 
Pirate Group Inc. Toronto
6 years of "sooo gooding" and I haven't gained a pound!
OK maybe a kilogram, but what's some murky metric measurement when you're having fun? 

What a great gig with the very talented people at Grip Advertising and Imprint Music Toronto.
How do they stay so slim? Hmmm. My body may be more Colonelific than theirs. Yes! That's it!

We did 36 national TV, 8 national radio and 2 new media spots in that "so good" time!
The Wiseasserist plays well with others.

Check out the great professional VO Artists that belong to this new and growing world-wide association. 

We're all at www.voiceover.biz